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Operation Picasso - Art & Healing

Operation Picasso was originally conceived in 2004 by Guild members Barbara Hirsch and Neva Williams who co-chaired the project. The concept successfully fused Ojai’s talented art community with the hospital’s healing environment resulting in some 200 original works of art being donated by local artists and patrons. To date Operation Picasso has not only enhanced the hospital atmosphere, but also created a more tranquil positive environment for patients and staff alike.

“Operation Picasso is a true community project. From the organizers to the artists to the patrons to the doctors and nurses to the patients to the visitors to the staff—everyone took part in making the project happen and in reaping the benefit of the power of art in a healthcare setting. It is an ongoing pleasure to work on this project.”
— Barbara Hirsch, Co-Chair Operation Picasso

In 2010, the Ojai Valley Community Hospital opened its doors to an all new, state-of-the-art Emergency Department—made possible by a generous donation from Chilant Sprague and our esteemed family of hospital supporters. Its completion was in part the catalyst for phase II of Operation Picasso: Art & Healing. Through a juried selection process, artist Cindy Pitou Burton’s serene photographic work was selected for installation in the new department. In addition “Art Matters” a pilot program that included weekly presentations and hands on interactions between local artists and residents of the Continuing Care Center. Art Matters was not only informative and engaging but the inspiration for promising future collaborations.

“The moment I finished installing a piece of art, the art became theirs, nourishing their souls; the rooms and hallways became more their home.”
— Richard Amend, artist and occasional curator of Operation Picasso

Thanks in large part to a 2010 ArtsLIVE Community Partnership Grant, renowned local Artist Richard Amend was able to devote his time and talents to maintain, curate and advance Operation Picasso. Amend, along with dedicated Guild volunteers, propelled the project into its new phase—Operation Picasso: Art & Healing. The Community Partnership Grant was made possible through the Ventura County Arts Council and the James K. Irvine Foundation.

A special thank you to our immensely talented local artists whose work remains on display throughout the hospital as part of our permanent Operation Picasso collection:

Carmen Abelleira White
Richard Amend
Jesse Arms Botke
Jannene Behl
Betsy Bland
Bobbie Boschan
Leo Braun
Marsha Braun
Christine Brennan
Kathleen Brewer
Cindy Pitou Burton
Kent Butler
Sharon Butler
Lucy Burns
Myrna Cambianica
Bonnie Caruk Riege
Gayel Childress
Mary Cogswell
Bert Collins
Roger Conrad
Annie Crosse
Steven Curry
Evelyn Dayman
Pippa Delesha
Bernadette DiPietro
Cele Donath
Kathleen Doud Reiley
Jim Durkin
Ruth Farnham
Maudette Finck
Christine Golden
Donna Granata
Barbara Greene
Steve Grumette
Tom Hardcastle
Kate Hoffman
Gino Hollander
Sandy Jones
Peter Justin
Leila Kleiman
Norman Kirk
Pat Ellin Lakin
Rev. Coryl Lassen
Don Lazo
Keith Lee

Shahastra Levy
Karen Lewis
Sherry Loehr
Nancy Lomax
Susan Vernand Magness
Marian Marshall
William McEnroe
James Menzel-Joseph
Mary Michel
Jennifer Moses
Marta Nelson
Marilyn Noad
Beverlee Park-Sherbo
Susan Petty
Elisse Pogofsky-Harris
Robert Rene
Brigitta Reveles
Marlene Rimensberger
Elaine Rogers
Nancy Rosen
Fred Rothenberg
Teal Rowe
Mary Kennedy &
Richard Keit RTK Studios
Audrey Sanders
Betty Saunders
Valerie Schmidt
Dewey Schorre
Debra Scolari
Jennie Scott
Al Setton
Joanie Sibner Chiarodit
Jeff Sojka
Richard Stine
Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend
Wendy Thomas
Kaarina Tienhaara
Carole Topalian
Thomas Vanderzyl
Patty Van Dyke
Katie Van Horne
Elizabeth White
Nancy Whitman
D'Anira Wiseman
Robert Wolfe

A special thank you to the Burns Family Foundation for graciously funding museum quality framing for the existing Operation Picasso collection.